Marchen Awakens Romance

ever wanted to be part of the MAR heaven universe. Now you can, I have not seen a good online MAR rpg so i decided to make one myself everyone is invited. You just need imagination.
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 Character: Tomoya

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PostSubject: Character: Tomoya   Character: Tomoya Icon_minitimeSat Dec 03, 2011 7:24 pm



Description:A teen with black hair, light tanned skin, brown eyes and he wears a white T-Shirt with a black and white jacket, long pants and black sneakers. He lived in a secluded part of MAR in which it snows most of the year. One day, he had decided that he needed to see the world and he ran away from his hometown. He only had the clothes on his back, a small backpack, a sleeping bag, some supplies, what was left of his money, and his deceased grand-father's ARM. Before he left, he visited his grand-father's grave and promised him that he'll see the world and share it with him once he comes back. Although he ran away from home, he misses his grand-father and the snow that falls down on the ground every day, but the Arm that he has always reminds him of the two things he loved the most.

Personality:He is very kind to those that become his friends, but once a battle starts, he will be protective and risk his own life for the sake of his friends. Although he's never been out of his hometown before, he has studied many Arms and plants and animals of MAR from his books.

Level: 1

Alignment: MAR

Money: 2,000 Pewter

Items: 2x magical stones

Arm: Silent Snow

Without Stones: Light Freeze

With Stones:Flying Ice Shards, Blizzard

Basic:Physical-Punch, Kick, Chop
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PostSubject: Re: Character: Tomoya   Character: Tomoya Icon_minitimeSat Dec 03, 2011 7:45 pm

Okay you and your ARM are ready to go. Have fun in MAR.
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Character: Tomoya
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