Marchen Awakens Romance

ever wanted to be part of the MAR heaven universe. Now you can, I have not seen a good online MAR rpg so i decided to make one myself everyone is invited. You just need imagination.
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 Character Creation Guidelines

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Character Creation Guidelines Empty
PostSubject: Character Creation Guidelines   Character Creation Guidelines Icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2011 6:09 pm

1. You must state the character name.
2. Enter charactor age. (Not over 20)
3. Enter charactor level. (Starts at lv.1)
4. Enter your Alignment (Cross Guard, MAR, Thief's, or Chess Piece (start as pawn))
5. Enter money. (Starts at 2,000 Pewter)
6. Enter Arm. (must start with D,C, or if history is long enough B)
6-B. Items. (you start with only two magical stones.)
7. Enter 1 Special attack your Arm can do without the stones
8. Enter 2 Special attacks your Arm can do with the Stones. (Transforming is allowed if Arm is B, or higher.)
9. Enter 3 basic attacks. (Ex. punch, kick, throw Arm. Is determined by wight and Arm.)
10. You must wait for an admin or mod to approve your charactor b4 u do anything.
11. After you are accepted you will be referred to either me or a moderator for your story.
12. If you are confused look at my example below.


Name: Ginta

Age: 12

Level: 1

Alignment: MAR

Money: 2,000 Pewter

Items: 2x magical stones

Arm: Babbo

Without Stones: Babbo grows.

With Stones: Hammer Arm-Dagger Arm, Bubble Launcher

Basic: 1.Physical Combat-Punch and Kick. 2.Throw Babbo. 3.Headbutt
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Character Creation Guidelines
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