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ever wanted to be part of the MAR heaven universe. Now you can, I have not seen a good online MAR rpg so i decided to make one myself everyone is invited. You just need imagination.
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 Arm Creation Guidelines

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PostSubject: Arm Creation Guidelines   Arm Creation Guidelines Icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2011 6:18 pm

We're gonna run down on ARM Classes.

S Class: This is the strongest type of ARM that you can possess! Examples of these types of ARMs would be Babbo or Gate Keeper Clown!

A Class: This is still a strong type of ARM, even these types of ARM are rare! It's just that S Classes are stronger. An A Class ARM would be Undine, Toto, etc.

B Class: These are fairly rare. B Class ARMs would be Flying Leo, Crazy Kilt, etc.

C Class: These are common type ARMs, that you can come by in shops and such. C Class ARM would be Jack's Battle Scoop.

D Class: The most common and found in the pawn shop. D Class ARMs would eb ARMs like Ring Dagger.

S Class: Sorry. Can't Start with S Class ARMs!
A Class: Sorry. Can't Start with A Class ARMs!
B Class: There can be exceptions, but your character has to have an EXTREMLY long history!
C Class: You May start with 2 C Class ARMs.
D Class: You may start with 3 D Class ARMs.

There are no in betweens. meaning no 1 C class and 2 D class. NOTHING like that. Just choose one class to start with.
You are not permitted to start with a darkness or dimension type ARM

An S Class can hold up to 10 Magic Stones!
An A Class can Hold up to 8 Magic Stones!
A B Class can hold up to 5 Magic Stones!
A C Class Can Hold up to 1 Magic Stone!
A D Class can NOT have magic stones.

Holy ÄRMs possess the power to heal and undo curses.
Weapon ÄRMs are used as weapons in battle.
Darkness ÄRMs are powerful artifacts used atypically to curse people at usually a cost to the user.
Dimension ÄRMs teleport to different places, create pocket dimensions, allow to watch scenes happening far away.
Guardian ÄRMs summon a monster or a 'guardian' of some sort to protect the owner of the ARM. The drawback is that as long as the guardian is active the ÄRM user is unable to move from the spot he was when he summoned it.
Nature ÄRMs are used for certain elemental attacks, or enhancing a body's physical performance.
Ghost ÄRMs attach to the user's body and allow them to use their body as a living weapon.

Name: (What is the name of your ARM?)
Class: (What is the class of your ARM?)
Type: (What type of ARM is it?)
Accessory: (Self-explained. What is it when its not in its regular form? Example: Necklae, Ring... etc.)
Normal Version:
Version 1:
Version 2:
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Arm Creation Guidelines
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