Marchen Awakens Romance

ever wanted to be part of the MAR heaven universe. Now you can, I have not seen a good online MAR rpg so i decided to make one myself everyone is invited. You just need imagination.
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 Want to be a moderator?

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Want to be a moderator? Empty
PostSubject: Want to be a moderator?   Want to be a moderator? Icon_minitimeSat Oct 29, 2011 6:52 pm

Here are the rules to be a moderator.

1.You cant God-Mod. (but you are allowed Darkness and Dimension Arms.)
2.You must be able to reply to members story lines in a timely fashion. (unless something urgent comes up.)
3.You cant start with S Class Arms. (but you are allowed and A Class.)
4.You will start with more money. (5,000 Pewter,)
5.You will start out at level 1 same as everyone else. (But you can have a guardian.)
6.Finally if you don't want to be a moderator anymore tell me.

And you must tell me why you think you should be a moderator.
Up to 5 people will be moderators.
Members always start on earth.
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Want to be a moderator?
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